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Olympus XA

While it looks like an APS compact film camera in the mid 90’s or even a digital point-and-shoot today, the Olympus XA is actually a “full frame” 35mm rangefinder camera introduced in 1979! The XA is one of the smallest … Continue reading

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Nikon F-801

The Nikon F-801 (N8008 in North America) is Nikon’s third auto-focus SLR with in-body focus motor (F3AF uses in-lens focus motors).  It is also Nikon’s first semi-pro AF body and the first SLR camera with a 1/8000 seconds shutter in … Continue reading

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Holga 135BC

Holga was originally a 120 roll-film camera designed in the early 80’s for the working class in China to document their daily lives. The original Holga 120S uses 120 film and can either shoot 6×6 or 6×4.5 (with a supplied … Continue reading

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