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Nikon SB-E

The Nikon SB-E flash is part of the Nikon “EM System”.  It is a light and small flash (only 130g and 55x110x33mm) that has a guide number of 17 (ISO100/m) and uses a set of 4 AAA batteries. When it is … Continue reading

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Zeiss Ikon Ikophot Rapid

In the past, any serious photographer would have a light meter unless his/her camera is “high-tech” enough to have a built-in meter. Today, most people do not need one because modern cameras, even for a simple digital point-and-shoot, would have … Continue reading

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Kodak Vigilant Six-20

The Kodak Vigilant Six-20 is a 6×9 medium format folding camera made in the late 1930’s. Folding cameras like the one above were quite popular from early 1900’s. When the lens assembly and bellow folded into the camera, it become … Continue reading

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