Is the meter of my Nikon EM really not working?

Sometimes when I feel bored, I will “play” with my collection. One day, I took my EM and started looking through the viewfinder. Oops, the needle did not move when I half-pressed the shutter! What happened? Is the battery dead? So, I immediately pressed the battery-check button and the LED shined brightly. Well, what next? It is a 30+ years old camera and though it is a Nikon, it is still 30+ years old plus it was not made to be same quality as the legendary F-series. Thus, my conclusion is something must be wrong with the electronics….

After firing the shutter (which should still fire at 1/1000 seconds without battery at “AUTO”) for several times, the meter came back to life! Wow, I hate this kind of situation which things become unpredictable…

Finally, after some reading on the Internet, I found out there is nothing wrong with my EM because:

The meter of the Nikon EM will not turn on until the frame counter passes zero!

This is something I would never notice until I played with the camera without loading film! It is because I always start shooting at frame “one”!

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