The Best Camera?

I think many of you have heard that “The best camera is the one that is with you.” True, if I do not have my compact Fujifilm XP10 in my bag, I won’t be able to capture the beautiful sky when I was walking to pick up my car! A digital point-and-shoot that is always being carried with you is better than a $3000+ full-frame DSLR that is sitting at home most of the time. I truly believe in that and I forget from when that I started the habbit of carrying a camera with me all the time. That camera can be the Fujifilm XP10, the Nikon D40 with a 28mm lens, the Nikon EM with its 50mm pancake, the Olympus Trip 35 or XA, basically just any camera that is considered portable for me on that day.

For those who are not camera collector like me, you might only have one camera, your DSLR which might be a bit too heavy to carry around. Well, how about an old digital point-and-shoot? As technology today is advancing at a speed close to the sublight engine of many starships (sorry, I might have watched too much sci-fi…), older digital compacts become very affordable on the second hand market. Sometimes, even relatives and friends will be willing to give an old one for you just because they upgraded to a newer one. The following photo I took when dinning out was shot by an old Sony 2.8 megapixel cybershot that a good friend of mine gave me.

Well, I forgot to mention camera phones too. These days, almost everyone would have one and many of the phone cameras are indeed capable of getting satisfactory results if used appropiately. Take a look of the photo below:

Did the square format of the photo mislead you to think it was taken with a 6×6 medium format? It was actually shot with the 2 megapixel camera of the iPhone 3G with limited post-processing using “on the phone” application. The same scene was also shot with my F-801 and the 50mm f1.8 Series-E using Ilford Delta 100. The differences? Well, beside resolution and tonal latitudes, there is not much!

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1 Response to The Best Camera?

  1. leflo23 says:

    “The best camera is the one that is with you.” Wonderful words… That is a great true.

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