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Experience on Using Canon TS-E 17mm f4L

About a month ago, I got a photo assignment on doing interior shots which required a super wide-angle lens with perspective control. The only super wide tilt-and-shift within the Nikkor line is the PC-E 24mm f3.5 which is simply not … Continue reading

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Olympus 35ED

The Olympus 35ED is a fully automatic 35mm rangefinder camera which is also the last member of the Olympus 35 series EE (electronic-eye, which simply means automatic exposure) cameras. After Olympus introduced the flagship 35SP (the first and only spot-meter … Continue reading

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Pentax M42 to K Mount Adapter

The original Pentax K mount was introduced in 1975 and improvements were done on the monut over the years to enable┬ámore and more automations. However, the basic mechanical specifications remain the same which allows a great amount of backward compatibility. … Continue reading

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