This blog is dedicated to my collection of cameras, lenses and other photographic equipment. It is under constant construction, with new entries being added and existing ones being updated all the time. Please drop by often!

Most of these items were purchased from local Internet classifieds with some others were bought from reputable used camera stores. A few others were given generously to me while the rest of them were bought brand-new. Beside my own collection, I have also borrowed equipment that I am interested in for the purpose of sharing them here.

*Recently, due to space constraints, I have been cutting down my collection but their entries will remain on the site for future references.

Comments are more than welcomed especially if there is inaccurate information on this site.

Finally, a piece of copyright notice:

All photos (except those with source and/or attribution in their captions) that I have posted on this site are Copyright © by Davis S. K. Chan. All rights are reserved and unauthorized reproduction is prohibited.