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Nikon D40

Nikon D40 is 6 mega-pixels APS-C sensor DSLR introduced in late 2006. It is the first “miniaturized” DSLR body from Nikon. The “miniaturization” include omission of the top LCD display, the use of penta-mirror instead of penta-prism for the viewfinder, … Continue reading

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Minolta XG-1

Unlike the more well-known Minolta XD series from which the Leica R SLRs were based on, the XG series is aimed for budget buyers. Thus, instead of having both aperture priority and shutter priority auto, XG series cameras only offer … Continue reading

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Pentax S3

  The Pentax S3 is a fully manual and mechanical M42 screw mount SLR introduced in 1960. Pentax produced a total of 9 different M42 SLRs (AP/Asahi-Pentax, S, K, S2, S3, S1, Super S2, SV and S1a) before the introduction … Continue reading

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Praktica LLC

The Praktica LLC was introduced in 1969 as one of the two top models (the other one being the VLC with removable pentaprism) in the long-running (1969-1989) in the Praktica L-Series. The LLC belongs to the first generation L-Series cameras … Continue reading

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Ricoh KR-5 Super

The Ricoh KR-5 Super is the successor of the original KR-5 that was introduced in 1978. The original KR-5 is a very basic 35mm mechanical SLR which was sold only at a fraction of its competitors’ price tags. It has a … Continue reading

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Pentax K1000

The Pentax K1000 is a 35mm fully mechanical SLR released in 1976, one year after Pentax introduced the first three K mount bodies, K2, KX, and KM (not to be confused with the digital K-x and K-m). K1000 is a … Continue reading

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Pentax ME Super

The Pentax ME Super is a 35mm SLR that belongs to the famous Pentax M-series cameras and is an improved successor of the original Pentax ME. Among all the compact automatic exposure electronic SLRs (e.g. Nikon FE/EM, Canon AE-1, Olympus … Continue reading

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