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Polaroid One

Introduced in 1981, nine years after the release of the legendary SX-70, the Polaroid 600 film has a much faster ISO (rate at about ISO640) than its predecessor (ISO125). Size-wise, they are both 3 1/8″ x 3 1/8″. However, unlike the … Continue reading

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Minox 35 ML

Minox is a German manufacturer of miniature cameras. It had made cameras that use film as small as 8×11 mm per frame (110 film is 13×17 mm/frame while a Micro 4:3 sensor is 13.5×18 mm). The first Minox 8x11mm camera … Continue reading

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Diana F+ Instant

The original Diana camera is a 120 format toy-camera like the Holga but it was manufactured 20 years earlier in Hong Kong and it shoots in 4×4 rather than 645/6×6. Moreover, instead of being sold as an economical camera to the working class … Continue reading

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Agfa Billy I

Agfa was a German manufacturer of cameras, films and photographic chemicals founded in 1867. Until 2004, Agfa had produced films in a large variety of formats, including 110 and 126 cartridges, 135 cassettes, 120 rolls and its own invention, the Agfa … Continue reading

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Rollei 35LED

Introduced in 1978, Rollei 35LED is the second last member in the Rollei 35 series (with the 35TE being the last). Being one of he basic models like the B35/35B and C35, the 35LED has a simplified shutter with speeds … Continue reading

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Kodak No.2 Autographic Folding Brownie

The Kodak No.2 Autographic Folding Brownie is a medium format folding camera like the Vigilant Six-20 (also made by Kodak) in an earlier post. Unlike the Vigilant Six-20, this Folding Brownie uses 120 format film instead of the obsolete 620 … Continue reading

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Rollei 35

The word “Rollei 35” can refer to a single camera (like the one above) or a series of cameras of similar designs. Nevertheless, the Rollei 35 is the second smallest 35mm full frame camera ever built, only next to the Minox … Continue reading

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